Somer/Wantok 7"


  1. Somer
  2. Wantok

Black Yolk


  1. Cup Weekend Murders
  2. The Lakeshore Strangler
  3. Hanging Rope
  4. Eavesdropper
  5. Rolling Implements
  6. Pagoda

Hotel Wrecking City Traders EP


  1. The Porch
  2. Massoli
  3. Get High Motherfucker
  4. Sutter Cane
  5. Danklicker
  6. 7 Minutes of Tape


Ben: One drumkit / Toby: One guitar

Hotel Wrecking City Traders (HWCT) have been playing shows since early 2006. They are based in Melbourne, Australia. To date they have released a selftitled EP, a full-length album Black Yolk and a 7" Somer/Wantok on Bro Fidelity Recordings. In May of 2007, Ben Wrecker was asked to play drums for UK duo Winnebago Deal (UK) on their first tour of Australia. Since that time, the band have toured constantly around Australia and went to New Zealand in 2009.